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Reiki Distance Healing

reiki distance healing allows you to relax and heal your body, mind & spirit where you are -- home, work, traveling, hospital, etc.,. Distance healing sessions are designed for when a clients situation dictates that they cannot possibly come to the studio for a session in-person. This could be due to an illness or physical locale. It is especially helpful during times of illness, stress, anxiety, etc.

How it works: 

You will be given an appointment just like when you come to the studio.

At the time of your appointment, just like an in-person session, we will check-in briefly before you relax somewhere that will allow you to remain uninterrupted until the session is over. With your eyes closed, you will begin to breathe as deeply as is comfortable. You may begin to notice some tingling sensations, muscle twitches, a sense of being warm or cold, you may drift-off to sleep or you may not feel much, if anything -- all is perfectly normal.

After your session ends, unlike an in-person session, you will choose whether to check back-in briefly after your session. This can be a time for clarification or simply to receive your daily affirmation.

Typically, most clients prefer an initial check-in with their daily affirmation sent via text or email as most settle into a great place during their session and would rather remain there for as long after their session ends as possible.

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