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RehabExperts Massage Therapy

RehabExperts aims to help clients move and function as a whole, comfortably, and without the limitations associated with chronic stress, chronic pain, injury or relentless discomfort that could also be associated with a specific musculoskeletal condition...


Benefits of Massage Therapy


Most common conditions...


scalp pain or discomfort ranging from the occasional allergy headache to a migraine 
neck pain or discomfort ranging from waking-up with the occasional stiff neck after a rough nights sleep to experiencing whiplash after an accident
shoulder or upper arm pain or discomfort ranging from soreness of the upper shoulder or biceps, arthritis, minor muscle or rotator cuff injury
elbow or forearm pain or discomfort ranging from soreness or tenderness, to a diagnosed medial or lateral epicondylitis, or even carpal tunnel syndrome 
RehabExperts Massage Therapy | Chepachet RI | Pain & Stress Relief
back or hip pain or discomfort ranging from soreness in the general vicinity to an IT band (runner's knee), piriformis or SI joint condition
thigh, knee or lower leg pain or discomfort ranging from soreness in the general vicinity to a quadriceps, hamstring or IT band (runner's knee) condition to possibly shin splints 
ankle, achilles, or feet pain or discomfort ranging from localized tenderness to a plantar fasciitis
anxiety producing responses ranging from regional body soreness to restlessness 
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or touch sensitive conditions ranging from tenderness in different areas of the body to mild depression
post surgical joint replacement experiencing limited range of motion to residual discomfort
NOTE: the therapies received here, should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Practitioners here are not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, or to diagnose any physical or mental illness and nothing said during the course of a session should be construed as such. Because certain therapies should not be performed under certain conditions, confirmation of all known medical conditions and medications is necessary. Clients are encouraged to seek the professional opinion of a qualified specialist for any mental or physical ailment of which they are experiencing. Further, clients are to keep their practitioner updated as to any changes, as there is no liability on the practitioner’s part should the client fail to do so.
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